Hello, I’m Piotr /p·yo·ter/ 👋
A full-stack design partner for companies that innovate

I’m a product designer with 15 years of cross-functional experience in the tech industry, striving to make software exciting and effortless to use.

What I do

I help technology companies make products people like to use. I work across the complete design process, from deep dives into complex user experience problems all the way to final implementation assets.

UX audit

Advanced products need advanced interfaces. Let me help you identify what you can do better and propose a range of practical solutions.

Wireframe design

Gather feedback from different stakeholders and make informed design decisions with a comprehensive blueprint of key screens and interactions.

Visual design

Use visual cues not only to make your interface look good, but also to help your customers use your product with ease.

Conversational UI

Give your product a voice. I’ll help you create chat- and voice-based apps people enjoy talking to.


Over the years I’ve worked with a wide range of startups and established companies. Most recently, I’ve collaborated with Wizehire.com, a recruiting platform for small business owners. Earlier, I helped rebuild Mixbook.com’s photo book editor, assisted Brainly.com with the launch of their first subscription plan, gave Mytos.bio (YC ’18) a hand with their first web app, and designed a data dashboard for Rainforest Connection (Google.org grant recipient). I’ve also worked on internal tooling projects at Bol.com (largest Dutch e-commerce site) and TMG.nl (Dutch/Belgian media publisher). Today I continue to work with teams large and small, particularly on early-stage web and mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Side hustle

I have several extra-curricular projects under my belt. Here are some highlights.


Employee onboarding assistant for Slack.


Brutalist, grid-based wireframe design system starter file.

Wirez Kit

Wireframe component library for Slack apps.


Framework for naming static files in product design.


Framework for naming calendar events.


Employee skill directory for distributed teams.

Galactic Escape

Retro side-scrolling game for iOS and tvOS.


Real-time public note-taking app for iOS.

Project Crater

Community for freelancers and indie makers.


Online dictionary for writers.


I write a blog about design, technology, and startups.

Make an Ugly MVP

Make sure you nail the value proposition first. Everything else can wait.

Where to find me

I share examples of my work on Dribbble and publish my writings on Medium. I also hang out on Twitter and Product Hunt, and share photos from places I visit on Instagram. You can always catch me on LinkedIn or just drop me an e-mail.